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Rachel in Argentina

Rachel first came to Argentina, for a tango holiday, in 2006. (You have been warned - tango is extremely addictive and can change your life.) It wasn't until she got here that she learned anything about Argentina, or the history of this fascinating (and sometimes troubled) country.

Rachel getting her citizenship

She came back the following year to live, and is now (proudly) an Argentine citizen. Here she is late last year signing her citizenship papers .

Argentina can be a tough place to adjust to - especially for 'Anglo' immigrants, as it is not just the language (castellano) that is different here. Argentina also has its own way of thinking, its own cultural assumptions, and a very different approach to legal and economic issues. But it also has a fabulously rich cultural identity, with music, dance, theatre and the arts present in almost all aspects of life. And you don't need a lot of money to enjoy some of the best that the world has to offer.

For tourists, Argentina can be a total delight. You can keep yourself busy for weeks seeing new places and enjoying new things without going outside Buenos Aires. And several very different places (Colonia in Uruguay, Tigre in the Delta, many estancias with horses and gauchos) can be enjoyed as day trips.

Overnight (or several day) visits to Mendoza (wine country), Iguazu Falls, Bariloche (for winter skiing), and the south (penguins, whales, glaciers), will also show you very different sides of Argentina.

Rachel hopes that you will also come to love this country when you come here to visit.

Rachel out and about - with cat

Rachel and cat in Florence
Yes, it is true. Rachel is mad about cats. All felinas, not just her beloved fluffy porteño companions Carlito and Flavia (pictured elsewhere on this website).

She is addicted to tango (especially the music) and also loves the chacarera and folclore.

As well as enjoying helping guests to have a wonderful time in Buenos Aires, Rachel is also a writer, editor of academic works, and a web designer.

Rachel's travels

Rachel has travelled widely - mainly in Europe, South East Asia, and Oceania. You can see some of the cities she has visited in her TripAdvisor map (click the map icon below).
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She may have even been to your home town (unless you are from North America - she hasn't been there yet apart from one single stopover).

It was her initial experience in Buenos Aires as a traveller that later led her to provide a home for visitors, making sure they got all the nice little things, advice, and support that she would have liked when she first got off the plane in 2006 - speaking no Spanish at all, and knowing no-one.
She hopes you enjoy the benefit of all that she has learned since then - about Argentina and the Argentines - when you stay at El Jardin del Tango.